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Queen’s University has a highly integrated health research program which operates through the jointly coordinated offices of the Vice-Dean, Research in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Vice President, Health Sciences Research at the Kingston General Hospital.  Together our institutions are committed to fostering an environment of transdisciplinary research in a number of biomedical areas and studies of population health and health services research.

Our department has a well-established research program. We are an active site in a number of industry led gynecology trials, investigator led obstetrical studies, and oncology trials through the Clinical Trials Group. We are also actively recruiting for 2 local investigator led clinical trials and several of our staff and residents are leading projects using Ontario-wide data sets available through ICES. Explore below for more information about our research projects!

Departmental Research Program Assistant:

Heather Ramshaw, BSc

Departmental Research Facilitator:

Jessica Pudwell, MPH
613-549-6666, ext 3937

Departmental Research Nurse:

Michelle Roddy, RN
613-549-6666, ext 2740

Departmental Research Assistant:

Kira King, MLT, BSc
613-549-6666, ext 3937

The TRIGGER Study – Drs. Romy Nitsch & Susan Chamberlain

We want to know which type of injection is best at  treating chronic pelvic pain, the magnesium-based injection or an injection of lidocaine only? This magnesium-based injection contains a mixture of magnesium, dextrose, bicarbonate and lidocaine. It was developed to target the cause of muscle problems by a doctor at Kingston General and Hotel Dieu Hospitals. We are recruiting women 18-65 years of age with chronic pelvic pain lasting 6 months or greater who have not used an opioid analgesic for relief of chronic pain within the last 3 months. The study runs for 12 weeks. You will be asked to attend 9 visits at KGH. NCT02728037


IV Ketamine for Pain Control During 1st Trimester Abortion – Drs. Sophie Gibson & Ashley Waddington

The purpose of this study is to determine whether a drug called ketamine would be a beneficial choice of medication for moderate sedation during first trimester surgical abortion. Ketamine is an approved medication for this type of procedure, however is not commonly used at this time. Ketamine does not carry the same risk of cardio-respiratory depression as IV opioids and midazolam. The use of ketamine could therefore improve access to optimal pain control in some clinics. We are currently recruiting women ≥18 years of age who are undergoing a first trimester abortion in the Women’s Clinic KHSC. Parallel comparison of IV ketamine, IV fentanyl and PO morphine. NTC03751423


Vascular Health after Preeclampsia – Dr. Graeme Smith

We are using state-of-the-art, non-invasive imaging technology to explore how preeclampsia affects vascular health in new moms after pregnancy. We are currently recruiting women 6 months to 5 years postpartum after a pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia or after a uncomplicated normotensive pregnancy for participation in a non-invasive study of vascular function. This study involves one 2.5 hour visit at Kingston General Hospital. 


For more information about any of these studies please contact us!

The Rate of Cannabis use in the Teen OB Population – Dr. Mary Anne Jamieson

Recruitment to begin in July 2019!


Canadian study on the Association of Pessary to Progesterone (CAPP) - Drs. Smith and Gaudet

Recruitment to begin in September 2019!

The CAPP research project is intended for pregnant women (between the 18th and 23rd week of pregnancy) whose cervix is 25 mm or less. In this study you will be randomized to progesterone only or progesterone and pessary. Visit the trial website for more information:

CAPTURE – Drs. Olga Bougie and Romy Nitsch

A multicenter prospective non-interventional study assessing the management of Canadian women with uterine fibroids, a patient registry. Recruitment complete, follow up ongoing. NCT02580578


RESTORELLE – Dr. Marie-Andree Harvey

Transvaginal Mesh versus Native Tissue Repair for treatment Of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Recruitment complete, follow up ongoing. NCT02162615


MIREC ENDO – Dr. Maria Velez

Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals: Pubertal Timing, Endocrine and Metabolic Function. Pre-pubertal follow up of our previously recruited MIREC cohort is underway.


FACT 4 Child – Dr. Graeme Smith

Follow up of children in the Folic Acid Clinical Trial (FACT) study. Follow up of our previously recruited FACT cohort is underway. NCT03269110


KySS – Dr. Ashley Waddington

Kyleena Satisfaction Study. Recruitment is complete, follow up is ongoing. NCT03182140