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Mission, Vision and Values


To champion women’s health care.


Excellence and advancement in Women’s obstetrical and gynecological health; teaching the future specialty leaders.


We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in women’s obstetrical and gynecologic health care and in the programs and services we offer.

We are committed to evidence-based medicine, innovative and cutting-edge technology, and timely access to care.

We are committed to collaborative, respectful, and ethical practices.

Life-long Learning
We teach and are committed to life-long learning and recognize the importance of the continuous development of skills and knowledge.

We are committed to internationally recognized research to improve women’s health and advance our practice of medicine.  

We believe that the best results are achieved through collaboration and teamwork.

Work Environment
We believe in a safe, collaborative, and caring work environment. We promote what we permit and we look out for each other’s wellbeing.

We believe in being accountable to our patients, our colleagues, and ourselves.

We value our contributions to the Kingston hospitals, Queen’s University, our national organizations, and our patients through the leadership excellence of our members.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We are committed to a better understanding of all of our patient’s needs, especially those from vulnerable populations, and how we can provide better care in a more holistic manner.