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Gynaecology Oncology

Our Staff in Gynaecology Oncology. Left to Right: Dr. Elena Park, Dr. Anita Agrawal, and Dr. George Gray

As a Regional Gynaecology Oncology Centre we offer patients the most advanced and compassionate care for cancers of the uterus, ovary, cervix, vagina, and vulva.  We are dedicated to providing your patients with exceptional care that is closer to home.   

Together Cancer Care Ontario, Kingston Health Sciences Centre and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Queen’s University are committed to providing excellent patient-centered care, medical education in gynecology oncology, and research partnerships. We are committed to developing a strong regional colposcopy program.

We provide patients with timely access to clinic appointments and to the operating room.  Our clinics offer a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, partnering with medical and radiation oncology.  We offer advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotic Surgery with same day discharge and sentinel lymph node mapping.  We are the regional lead for the combined familial oncology and medical genetics program. Our physicians are highly trained and competent in their specialties.  

Our Physicians:

Dr. Elena Park completed her Gynaecology Oncology Fellowship at the University of Calgary in 2016. Dr. Park specializes in upper abdominal debulking surgeries for high-grade ovarian cancer and immunotherapy for gynaecological malignancies.

Dr. Anita Agrawal completed a Gynaecology Oncology fellowship at the University of Calgary in 2008. Dr. Agrawal offers her patients minimally invasive approaches to cancer. She has a strong interest in medical education. Dr. Agrawal is the Division Chair.

Dr. George Gray completed a Gynaecology Oncology Fellowship at the University of Ottawa in 2019. Dr. Gray is the surgeon-lead for the new Gynaecology Oncology Robotic Surgery Program. Dr. Gray specializes in the care of the bariatric oncology population.

To refer your patients please send referrals to the Central Gynaecology Oncology Referral fax line at 613-548-1330.