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General Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Members of the Division:

Ashley Waddington, MD, FRCSC; Assistant Professor, Masters of Public Administration
See also REI Division for Activities related to Contraception and C.A.R.E. Fellowship

Susan Chamberlain, MD FRCSC; Associate Professor, Masters of Education

Romy Nitsch, MD, FRCSC; Assistant Professor, Masters in Health Sciences in Bioethics
Fellowship Trained in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Julie Tessier, MD, FRCSC; Assistant Professor
Fellowship Trained in Advanced Gynaecologic Surgery

Marisa Horniachek, MD, FRCSC; Assistant Professor

Olga Bougie, MD, FRCSC; Assistant Professor, Masters of Public Health
Fellowship Trained in Minimally Invasive Gynaecologic Surgery


Consultative Services:

The Generalist Division provides obstetrics consultations,  antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum (from obstetricians in the region,  Emergency room physicians, family physicians, nurse practitioners,  and midwives).  Many of the General obstetricians have their own obstetrics practice and all participate in the “in-house” staffing of the labour and delivery unit, the inpatient wards and the consultative service to Emergency room physicians for both obstetrical and gynecological problems.  

Gynaecologically, the Generalists provide consultative services for a vast array of problems: vaginal disorders, abnormal menstrual bleeding and postmenopausal bleeding, fibroids, benign cysts/masses, pelvic pain (acute and chronic), endometriosis, uncomplicated incontinence and prolapse, uncomplicated infertility and family planning (reversible and permanent).  Within our division we have individuals who have a clinical focus in Sexual Medicine and Vulvar disorders, Complicated pelvic pain, Advanced Endometriosis, Gynecological  Problems in Women with Inherited or Acquired Bleeding Disorders and the Management of Early Pregnancy Complications.  Two of our Division members, cross-appointed to the Division of REI, have expertise in PAG and Family Planning.

Surgical Services:

The Generalist Division hosts some of the most versatile gynecological surgeons with most of our division members capable and competent in ALL approaches to surgical conditions in gynecology: vaginal, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic and open (abdominal).  At least 2 of our members have partnered with L&A Community hospital in Napanee to offer outreach gynecological consultative and surgical services.


The Division is responsible for education of trainees at several levels including medical students, residents, and fellows. Learning opportunities are provided on the wards, in clinics and the surgical suite as well as through scheduled lectures and seminars.   The division boasts 1 member with a Masters of Education and several members who play critical administrative educational roles within our department and the medical school.


Many of our Division members participate in clinical or educational research either as a mentor, supervisor for Fellows, residents or medical students, or as a collaborator with the Basic Sciences or Health Education faculty.

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