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Meet Our Residents



Anisha Dubey

 MD McMaster University (2020)

MSc McMaster University(2017), (Immunology)   

BSc McMaster University (2015), (Honours Life Sciences) 


Victoria Januszkiewicz

 MD Memorial University of Newfoundland (2020)

MSc Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology), Memorial University of Newfoundland (Expected, Fall 2020)

BScKin University of New Brunswick (2014), (Kinesiology)



Chris Vizena

 MD Memorial University of Newfoundland (2020)

M.Sc. McMaster University (2014), (Global Health)

B.Sc. Mount Allison University (2013), (Global Health)



Amanda Baillargeon

MD University of Toronto (2019)
M.E.Sc Western University (2014), (Biomedical Engineering)
B.Sc. Western University (2012), (Honors Specialization in Chemistry) 

Dima Saab

MD University of Toronto (2019)
M.Sc. University of Toronto (2014), (Health Services Research; Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation)
B.A.Sc. University of Guelph (2011), (Biology and International Development)


Jessica Blom

MD Western University (2019)
Ph.D. Western University (2017), (Cardiac Biology) 
M.Sc. University of Edinburgh (2011), (Cardiovascular Biology)
B.Sc. University of Guelph (2010), (Honours Biomedical Science)



Jennifer McCall
MD Queen's University (2018)
B.Sc., McGill University (2014)

Susan Luong
MD University of British Columbia (2018)
B.Sc., University of Northern British Columbia (2014),
(Honours, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)


Jonathan Cluett
MD Queen's University (2017)
B.Sc. University of Waterloo (2012), 
(Honours, Science and Business, Specializing in Biology)

Allison DeLong
MD Memorial University (2017)
B.Sc. Memorial University of Newfoundland (2013),
(Engineering - Process Discipline)

Brittany MacGregor
MD University of Calgary (2017)
B.Sc. Queen's University (2013),
(Chemical Engineering)



Julie Anderson
MD Memorial University (2015)
B.Sc. Mercyhurst University (2007),
M.Sc. Dalhousie University (2009),

Alida Pokoradi
MD Queen's University (2016)
B.Sc. University of Toronto (2006),
(Double Majors: Human Biology & Classical Civilizations)
M.Sc. University of Aberdeen, UK (2009),
(Health Services & Public Health Research)
Ph.D. University of Aberdeen, UK (2012),
(Primary Care Epidemiology)

Jonathan Ausman
MD Gulf Medical University, UAE (2013)
M.Sc. Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto (2016)


Jena Hall
MD University of Toronto (2014)
B.Sc. Queen’s University (2010),
(Honours, Life Sciences)
M.Ed. Queen's University (2018)