Meet Our Residents

Name PGY Medical School Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Contact Information

Jonathan Cluett
1 Queen's University (2017) B.Sc. (Honours, Science and Business, Specializing in Biology), University of Waterloo (2012)

Allison DeLong
1 Memorial University (2017) B.Sc. (Engineering - Process Discipline), Memorial University of Newfoundland (2013)

Brittany MacGregor
1 University of Calgary (2017) B.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), Queen's University (2013)

Jonathan Ausman
2 Gulf Medical University, UAE (2013) M.Sc. Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto (2016)

Alida Pokoradi
2 Queen's University (2016) B.Sc. (Honours Double Majors: Human Biology & Classical Civilizations), University of Toronto (2006)
M.Sc. (Health Services & Public Health Research, Epidemiology Specialist), University of Aberdeen, UK (2009)
Ph.D. (Primary Care Epidemiology), University of Aberdeen, UK (2012)

Jena Hall
2 University of Toronto (2014) BSc. (Honours, Life Sciences), Queen’s University (2010)
Started The Clinician Investigator Program at Queen's (September 2015)

 Julie Anderson
3 Memorial University (2015) B.Sc. (Sportsmedicine), Mercyhurst University, Erie PA (2007)
M.Sc. (Physiotherapy), Dalhousie University (2009)

Sophia Oliveira Lenson
3 Queen's University (2015) B.Sc. (Human Biology Health & Disease), University of Toronto (2011) 

Emily Stern
3 Queen's University (2015) B.Sc.(Honours), Queen's University (2010)

Brianne Lewis
4  Memorial University (2014) Residency (Family Medicine), Queen's Unviersity, Peterborough Site (2015)
Diploma in Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2010)
B.Sc. (Honours Biochemistry), Queen's University (2008)

Amanda Webb
4 Dalhousie University (2014) B.Sc.(Honours), Acadia University (2009)

Elizabeth Russell
4 Dalhousie University (2014) Master of Health Administration (MHA), Dalhousie University (2010)
B.Sc. (Biology), Queen's University (2008)

Vivian Wang
5 University of Ottawa (2013) McMaster University (2009)

Kerry Howatt
5 University of Ottawa (2013) B. Sc. (Hons Bio/Psych, Dipl Forensic Science), Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia (2008)

Julie Ellsworth
5 Dalhousie University (2013) B.Sc. (Honours Biology) University of New Brunswick (2008)

Christina Nowik
5 Queen's University (2011) Started The Clinician Investigator Program at Queen's (September 2012)
Masters of Public Administration (MPA), Queen's (2013) 
Bachelor of Arts, Biological Sciences, Cornell University (2003)

Ann Korkidakis
 5 McGill University (2012) B.Sc., Anatomy and Cell Biology, McGill University (2008)