Mom & Baby to Be

A dynamic, yet simple prenatal app with the tools you need for a healthy pregnancy.

  •     Includes useful planning for pregnancy tools (e.g. Fertility Tracking Tool)
  •     Track your prenatal care visits and create your personal birth plan

This Mom + Baby 2B app is a reliable resource created by Niagara Region Public Health for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Mom and Baby to Be

Planning for pregnancy
  •     Helpful tools
  •     Checklists & facts
  •     Fertility tracking tool

Healthy pregnancy basics
  •     Tips on choosing the right prenatal care provider
  •     Record your prenatal care visits
  •     Understand proper eating habits for you & your baby
  •     Calculate your ideal weight gain
  •     Recognize common discomforts found in pregnancy
  •     Build an activity plan to keep yourself moving during pregnancy
  •     Create a birth plan
  •     Monitor your contractions with a Contraction Counter
  •     Understand the stages of labour and delivery
  •     Find your closest ER

Community Connections
  •     Niagara Region Public Health Services
  •     Niagara area community contacts
  •     Ontario public health locations

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