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CBME at Queen's Ob/Gyn

Published Thu Dec 15th 2016

Residency training in Canada is transitioning to a Competency-Based model, “Competency by Design” (CBD). All programs, nationwide, will have transitioned to CBD by the year 2022, on a rolling timeline.

Queen’s is the only institution in Canada to move forward with CBD on an accelerated timeline. All incoming residents, in all programs, in 2017 will be under the CBD curriculum. This includes OBGYN! Dr. Sue Chamberlain (MD, MEd, FRCSC) is not only our Department lead but is really functioning as the national lead with input from many ObsGyn Department’s across the country.

CBME is an outcomes-based approach to education. It shifts the focus from short-term, rotation based objectives, to long-term objectives of residency (ie. What knowledge and skills does this physician need to be in independent practice?). The reform restructures residency to match the needs of today’s learners in a modern health care system.

The bottom line: Residency will not change dramatically.
The perks: Incoming residents will have multiple tools available to them to enhance their residency education.

We would be happy to answer any program specific CBD Questions:
OBGYN Program Director: Dr. Julie Tessier, tessierj@queensu.ca
OBGYN CBME Faculty Lead: Dr. Susan Chamberlain, smc3@queensu.ca
OBGYN CBME Resident Lead: Dr. Jena Hall (PGY 2), jena.hall@queensu.ca

For General Questions:
CBME Faculty Lead, Dr. Damon Dagnone: jdd1@queensu.ca
CBME Project Coordinator, Jennifer Railer: jennifer.railer@queensu.ca
CBME Resident Subcommittee: cbme@queensu.ca, ATTN: Resident Subcommittee in subject

Below are some links to helpful resources on CBD at Queen’s:

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